Changemaker Journey

What kind of impact are you inspired to create?

We believe in the power of people to lead and inspire change. We are ready to co-create innovative, sustainable solutions to our current global challenges. Yet we need a new approach to leadership that starts from the inside out.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a changemaker, you have an impact on the world around you every day. So the question is: what kind of impact are you inspired to create, and how? Through the Changemaker Journey we seek to answer these questions. Our 10 week program brings together small groups of up to 12 changemakers, facilitated by our Journey Guides. Through collective and individual experiences, reflection and action, we guide changemakers towards inner clarity, connection & teaming up to co-create change.

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and teaming up for purposeful action.


About the journey

The Changemaker Journey is a 10 week program with small groups of up to 12 changemakers, facilitated by our Journey Guides.

It brings together cutting edge frameworks & practice from systems thinking, Theory U, complexity science, character development, design thinking, storytelling, the Teal movement, collective leadership & more.

Through our workshops and reflection sessions we create supportive online and offline group environments where we provide interactive, reflective & experiential learning that goes beyond a typical online course. We focus on providing practical tools & methods which you can apply into your life and projects, to support you in what you’re already doing.

The flow of the ten weeks builds on our belief that if we want to create real change towards a more sustainable, equitable and thriving future, we need to shift our understanding of what’s important to us and act on it. For this to work we have to start with ourselves and get clear about what really matters to us, then team up with others who share our values, and then go out and starting taking action, reflecting and iterating.

Click below for a week by week overview of the Journey.

What’s involved?

Weekly online reflection sessions

10 weeks

Experiential workshops

Workbook with exercises, resources & tools

Peer mentoring

Journey Guides

Over the 10 weeks, you will need to invest at least 3-4 hours time into your Journey. This includes:

  • Weekly 2 hour online workshops. These take place via Zoom, with a focus on group reflection & experiences, facilitated by our Journey Guides.
  • Additional time for peer mentoring sessions, journalling & other individual exercises.

The first half of the Journey focuses on developing inner clarity and supportive habits, as a basis for purposeful action. The second half of the Journey focuses on teaming up, prototyping and taking action, and may require further time commitment if you choose to work on a specific project.

Where does the journey lead?

The Changemaker Journey aims to empower authentic leaders who:

  • have high levels of awareness of themselves & how they relate to and impact others and their environments
  • have inner clarity about their personal values and integrity
  • have the ability to develop and build habits and environments that support themselves and others
  • have practical tools to organise and lead healthy and agile teams and guide group decision-making processes
  • are resilient and able to take action in uncertain or challenging situations

Our Journey Guides


Company funded – 940 EUR

Individual / Non-Profit – 690 EUR

Student / Social Entrepreneur – 340 EUR

*We want everybody who is excited about the program to be able to participate. Our three tier pricing structure reflects this, yet if price is still an obstacle to you, please contact us .

For the Journey starting September 2019 an additional scholarship of € 200,- is offered to students by the Centre of Social Entrepreneurship Bonn. Please send a video or letter of motivation via email to until September 16th 2019.

Are you ready to begin your journey?

The next Changemaker Journey will begin in the week of 23rd of September 2019. 

It will take place in German, with weekly sessions online via Zoom. To join this Journey, please click Apply Now & state ‘September 2019’ when filling out the form. In the form you can also state your time availability.  For information about the Journey in German, please click here.

Students can apply for an additional scholarship of € 200,- funded by the Centre of Social Entrepreneurship Bonn. Please send a video or letter of motivation to until 16th of September 2019.

If you would like to join a Journey yet these dates or language don’t suit you, you can use the same form to register your interest and we will contact you when we are starting a Journey which fits.