About Us






Unity Effect is an international and for-purpose organization based in Bonn, Germany. We offer personal, team and leadership development programs for purpose-driven individuals, teams and organisations.

We believe in the power of every individual to lead and inspire change. We support more authentic and conscious ways of working, collaborating and leading.

At the core of everything we do is our purpose of empowering people to lead and inspire change from the inside out.

Leading change from the inside out

We know that the world is changing at a faster pace and becoming increasingly complex. Developments in technology and science and their implications on society and the environment mean that the future is becoming more uncertain – it’s impossible to know for sure how the world will look even in a few years.

So how can we deal with this uncertainty as young leaders? How can we not just passively experience change but actively shape it?

We believe that changing the world begins with understanding our values, what is important to us and the impact we want to create – and then finding others who share our passion and drive and getting into action.

Change starts with each of us.

We each have an impact every day – on the people around us, our surroundings, our communities and our environment. Every little action, decision and conversation can have an impact that ripples out. For us, the first step is acknowledging this: what I do has an impact.

The second step is get clear for ourselves what we deeply care about and what inspires us.   In times of rapid transformation it is more crucial than ever to develop and nurture this inner clarity: to be able to navigate uncertainty and build resilience in ourselves and others.

Getting clear often means making decisions. Decisions about what stories we tell ourselves, about what we need to let go of, and about what we want to fully commit to and act on. The third step is to make decisions.

Change might start with us, but it doesn’t end there. When we team up with others who align with our values and we support each other to take positive and collaborative action, we have impact on a bigger scale.

Holistic Approach

Often when we talk about change we focus on the visible: rules, structures, behaviour, while ignoring the role of the intangible: mindset, values & culture. Each of these dimensions plays a significant and highly interrelated role. We offer a holistic approach which addresses and works with all four dimensions as a whole.