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We are ready to co-create innovative, sustainable solutions to our current global challenges. Yet we need a new approach to leadership that starts from the inside out.

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What our journey participants say

The greatest experience for me was to reflect with others about the process and get to know how others tackle things and finally give it a frame to talk about those important things.

Isabelle Acker

The Changemaker Journey has been for me ten weeks of inspiring workshops, warm-hearted community and a good balance of theory and practice. But mainly it has been a great opportunity to work on the question ‘What do I want to bring to the world?’

Jonathan Hoenninger

What I learned most out of the journey is this extraordinary beauty of reflecting about myself in different situations in my personal life and also in my working life. We talked about and experienced listening, resilience, intuition and then always asked ourselves: How do I encounter this topics? How do others do it? This was a big gift and I really developed myself and matured a lot during this journey. I can now talk and encounter difficult topics that touch me emotionally, but in the moment of seeing and being in a crisis or beautiful situation I can reflect upon it and observe and this makes me feel balanced, down-to-earth and empowers myself to show my vulnerability. Therefore I also gained even more strength, understanding of myself and others, respect and self-confidence.

Noemi Call

10 weeks of a Journey. 10 weeks of inspiring input and profound reflection which are a time for intensive personal development and redirection. We found back to our personal values, navigated into the unknown and wandered in the wide space of integrity. For me personally the Journey was more than a personal enrichment  in all the aspects that I already mentioned. It was a support in my current life and in challenges of my project. The guys from Unity Effect always tried to have us bring our lives outside the Journey into the Journey. We, the group, could direct the way throughout the Journey along with the facilitators and that truly was a great experience.

Priska Lang

About Us

The Changemaker Journey is a service of Unity Effect, a for-purpose organization based in Bonn, Germany. We are a team of passionate social entrepreneurs who support more authentic and conscious ways of working, collaborating and leading. At the core of everything we do is our purpose of empowering people to lead and inspire change from the inside out. We believe that inner shifts create outer transformation, that every individual has the power to lead and co-create social transformation, and that we’re more powerful when we work together.  To find out more about us and our other services, visit

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